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So, you're bored with giving the same old gift. Who can blame you? But you're sticking to a budget this year. No problem.

Check this out.

Funky Utopia has dozens of gift ideas UNDER $25.00!!! And we are offering FREE SHIPPING through the end of the year. Plus, we will wrap your gifts for FREE, if you desire.

So, lets recap.

Dozens of gifts to choose from: Jewelry, handbags, accessories, bath and body. Oh yeah.
Free Shipping = no extra costs and no trips driving around town to search for gifts.
Free Gift Wrapping = no paper cuts, no need to buy tape and a whole-lotta time saved!


Go now.

And don't worry. You have plenty of time! We can ship your gift via Priority Mail (free, free, free) before Friday, December 19th and it will arrive in time for Christmas. Before Wednesday, December 17th to arrive before Chanukah. Plus, we can ship directly to your loved one to save you time! We're all about you!

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Strength. When did it become a flaw?

I feel like screaming when I see the internet news headlines, watch the news on TV or hear anyone say anything even remotely related to the presidential campaign.  Why should Hillary drop out?  I mean that purely as a rhetorical question by the way.  I've read all the reasons why strategists believe should should drop out.  I just don't buy it.

Hillary Clinton is one tough woman.  She is strong. She stands by her convictions and is steadfast in her commitments.  This race isn't over.  She has every right to continue to campaign until all of the votes are in.  If she loses, she can bow out knowing she gave it ALL she has.  If she quits before the race is over and all of the votes are cast - she is just quiting.  Why should she step out of the way for someone else?  The race - if you are counting VOTES by the American public - is tight.  

Regardless if she can win due to delegates or any other such reason... I admire her for sticking with it!!  This fight and her determination to stay in the fight... It says a lot about her character.  Keep up the good fight Hillary!  


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Peace & Love.


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